I'm available for writing and editing assignments, on a range of subjects. I've covered most topics – travel, health, tech, food, art, design, psychology – but if I don't know about it, I'll go out there and do the research.

Creative Consultancy

I can help you with your website, content, branding, PR and social media. I look at your business from a customer's point of view, ask you what you want to achieve, then match up the two.

You can also book me for one-to-one creative coaching or consultancy on an hourly basis. Just drop me a line on

Talks and Workshops

If you'd like to book me for a talk or workshop, please contact me on to find out more.


Photography is one of my passions and I can include images on any assignment. Just ask me when you commission me.


Sub-editors (or copy-editors, as we're sometimes called) are a bit like hairdressers. It doesn't matter what mess we're presented with, we'll make it look good. A sub-editor comes at an article or piece of text with a fresh pair of eyes. They do all the obvious things, like check spelling, grammar and punctuation, but they also rewrite clunky sentences, rejig the words as necessary, check all the facts are present and correct, then fit the article to the page using special software, so it looks all pretty. Then they write a killer headline and standfirst, whip up some snappy picture captions, and that thing is now ready to print.